Ask the TBBs: Rustic Garland Yes or No?

HELP… Question for The TBBs… I bought this rustic wood garland thinking I could mix it in with my semi formal-style living room.. Bad idea???? Any suggestions regarding said garland will be appreciated…  thank you Cindy


  Maureen says: Cindy…very interesting garland, I really like it!  Because we don’t have a picture of your semi-formal living room, my initial thought is, this type of  garland will look out of place. You will be introducing a very rustic element into a room that likely has no other rustic decor. To utilize this textural garland I would place it in a very informal, relaxed  space, with similar wood finishes and colours …perhaps your family room. In fact I would twist LED string of lights (see below) around the garland. You could then place it on a mantel, book shelf or down your table and position other Christmas decor like tea lights, candles, greenery and Christmas balls etc around it. Don’t be shy about using this non-seasonal garland at other times of the year as well.



 Lisa says: I actually like the idea of mixing formal and rustic elements, and I would use it in your living room. I would do as Maureen suggests and wrap it with some wired white mini lights and perhaps wire in some tiny white glittering balls to really mix it up.  And definitely, this kind of garland can be used year round.  Perfect for a beach home in the summer time around a doorway.


Donna says:  Love that garland and the rustic texture it brings to decor.  I, like Lisa, like to mix rustic and formal, but it has to be done properly.  If it is the only rustic element in a room, it may look out of place.  Adding the glittering balls, and pairing it with some cedar or pine boughs will add a more formal feel to the garland – perhaps in a table centrepiece.  For other seasons, perhaps you could mix it with starfish or shells in a more casual room.  Good luck!

Mary Anne says: I have the exact same garland at my cottage. I use it clumped in a basket with candles on the wicker dining table in my screened in porch. To me it says beachy, but mixed with elements like the girls above said, you could make it more seasonal for this time of year.

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