Being Thankful

I am a blessed woman.  Of the many things in my life to be grateful for, some have been long lasting and some, moments in time.  This was both.

The summer of 2005 arrived and we were preparing for a new arrival.  Our family of three (my husband, my stepson and I) were soon going to be 4.  I was working at a furniture store, which meant I worked retail hours…weekends and evenings.  To make the most of our time together my husband and I started to have mid-week breakfast dates when I had to work later in the day.  We decided to try this little breakfast place on Bank Street, which was a short drive to his work.  We never looked back.

That little breakfast place was Ada’s Diner.  A cute little place with quaint decorating touches that had been collected over the years.  We went in because it was convenient, we stayed because of Ada.  You see, Ada greeted you with a smile.  Her friendly disposition had created a long list of regulars, some famous, some like us.  They might come once a week or once a month or just when they were in town.  It floored us that she would remember our regular orders even if it had been a while since we’d been in.  She saw our family grow from 3 to 4 to 5.  My children would turn to hug Ada as they left.  She was so important, that when we would say were were going to Ada’s we would get a big cheer.

When my daughter was diagnosed with food sensitivities, we would show up with our gluten free bread and Ada would make her a special breakfast in the back to make sure it was just right.  Service.  A smile.  A hug from time to time.  A very special lady and a very special place.

We had our last breakfast there on September 21st.  Ada and her husband Wilf are retiring.  I managed to keep it together as Ada went around with her i-Pad taking photos of all her regulars that had come in for their last meal with her.  When we were done, we moved from our seats to allow someone in line to sit down.  We stood by the cash and my daughter wrapped her arms around me and her tears started to flow.  Apparently I’ve passed on the softy gene.  We managed to get this picture to remember this time and place.  They’d known her as long as they’ve lived.  A special lady in our hearts.

Ada diner

We wish them all the best.  Thanks for being a part of our lives.  xxoo

Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you too have many blessings to be thankful for.

Nicole thumbnailNicole

Donna BorderDonna says: “Although I didn’t have the opportunity to visit Ada’s, I have heard many speak of her.  How wonderful to have spent their lives creating such wonderful memories!  Happy Thanksgiving!”



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Terri - October 16, 2013 - 7:58 pm

we are so blessed in deed

Inspire Me Heather - October 20, 2013 - 9:03 am

What a lovely post!

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