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Open house at Ceragres

Some of the TBBs and myself recently a morning  at Ceragres.  If you haven’t been, it’s a delight for anyone who enjoys looking at beautiful tiles. Just take a gander at these! Adorable word tiles to add some interest to your walls. These two photos above show the Life tiles, scandinavian styled, and so realistic, you’d […]

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When you visit NYC….

I was recently in NYC attending Modenus BlogTourNYC … tons of info about that here, but I decided to write a TBB post which would concentrate solely on the shopping and the dining that I enjoyed on that trip.  Although I was invited to the following shops and restaurants  via BlogTourNYC,  I have in no […]

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Graffiti and Interior Design

I LOVE GRAFFITI! Don’t get me wrong now. I don’t condone street artists vandalizing private property. But done in the right places and used the right way, graffiti is a very fresh and revitalizing art form. On a recent visit to Melbourne, Australia we came across Hosier Lane, an entire alleyway encouraging graffiti artists to […]

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