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Tea Break – Coconut style

Well, just in case you think all we drink around here is wine…well, maybe most of the time, but sometimes we like a little hot beverage and I’m not talking coffee.  This tea drinking TBB loves to try different varieties and this one intrigued me when I heard about it. Coconut Oolong from David’s Tea […]

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Graffiti and Interior Design

I LOVE GRAFFITI! Don’t get me wrong now. I don’t condone street artists vandalizing private property. But done in the right places and used the right way, graffiti is a very fresh and revitalizing art form. On a recent visit to Melbourne, Australia we came across Hosier Lane, an entire alleyway encouraging graffiti artists to […]

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Friday Night Wine Pick: Wine Appreciation Tips From Down Under

On our recent trip to Australia and New Zealand I made sure we had a few days set aside to explore some of the many wine regions and taste a few  lot of local wines. We visited some beautiful vineyards, met many passionate winemakers and immensely enjoyed the fruits of their labours! We were fortunate […]

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