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Low carb Thanksgiving?….try this…

  In my quest to eliminate High Glycemic Index foods, I came up with a recipe that I was hoping to use as a substitue for Thanksgiving stuffing….ya right! I call it ROASTED SQUASH  AND QUINOA WITH TOASTED PINE NUTS AND ORANGE/ MAPLE SYRUP 1. Quinoa… Cook 1 1/2 C in low sodium chicken broth […]

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Give me a plate of Turkey Dressing!

Every Thanksgiving & Christmas this is a favourite around our house, so much so that I would say toss the turkey and just grab a plate of this! Although you will need to drizzle it with gravy so better keep the turkey.   I love making this one because not only is it simply the best tasting stuffing, but […]

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New York City in the Heat

  In August, I had the absolute pleasure of leaving my children with my parents and whisking off with my husband to New York City.  What’s not to love, right?  No meal preps, no whining, no bedtime stories, and with my kids, no never-ending requests for food.  You’ve got the picture? While New York City […]

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Thai Squash Soup with Shrimp

Fall is a great time to enjoy tummy warming soups.  I made this recipe for the Tbbs when we got together for a photography lesson with the talented Charlene Burnside.  They  all loved it and suggested I share it with you.  For me, the best part (besides the great flavour) is that it can be […]

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Barns, Farms and Wicked Chefs!

What an appropriate name for an amazing fundraiser for The Table Community Food Centre in Perth. EcoTay was the incredible farm setting on a perfect August evening for nine area chefs to work their magic using local food products. Judy Dempsey, who is known for her 12 years as chef/owner of the award winning Hungry […]

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