Colour Fabric & Style for 2013: Sharon Grech

Its design Wednesday and the 3rd in our 4 week feature Colour Fabric & Style for 2013. This week we welcome Sharon Grech to the TBB Blog. If you are a regular viewer of Cityline, you probably recognize Sharon as the design colour expert for Benjamin Moore.

Besides being about the cutest person on TV, Sharon’s colour and paint expertise is among the best. Something I just learned recently is Sharon has led the development of many of Benjamin Moore’s ( Colour marketing pieces such as the Designer Classics Colour Collection, the Toronto Heritage Palette and annual colour trend brochures…..Ummm Hello…. that is amaze balls!

Welcome Sharon to the TBB Blog!


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“There is one simple word that totally describes this colour and fabric scheme….HAPPY! it just makes me so happy! Who would not want to be sitting in a room by the sea and take in this gloriously fun loving, colour filled space? And not only would I be sitting in that Martini  olive coloured rocking chair but I would be sipping on one to watching the view and well….being happy :)”

Donna says:  “I LOVE this colour combination!  And Sharon can sure spin a tale – I am sitting in that sea-side bedroom right now!”


Maureen says: “Fun fabric choice. I think we should have a TBB weekend by the sea…and Sharon could join us!”


 Lisa says: “What an image you have created Sharon, you certainly had me at sheer white linen curtains. I can just picture them blowing in the wind. Serenity.   And I’m in Maureen!”



Mary Anne says:“So fresh and clean Sharon! How did you know I love Marimekko prints?”

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