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Those who know me know that I love books of all kinds, but I especially love those featuring design, food and wine! Over the holidays I was fortunate to receive these three beautiful cookbooks.


They are all different, yet the same, as they share a theme of healthy, unproccessed cooking. Plus, a must for me, is that they all feature beautiful photography, or as I call it, eye candy!

Ottolenghi The Cookbook has created quite a stir in the foodie world with its vibrant, bold and honest recipes.In 2002, Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi opened Ottolenghi , a food shop, patisserie, deli, restaurant and bakery whose name, quite literally, means street food. Both authors are from the Israel/Palestine region and this has influenced, but not limited their recipes. They prefer to keep food as natural as possible, deliberately avoiding complicated cooking methods, and allowing each ingredient to have a clear voice. This book features some of my favourite ingredients and flavours so I am excited to try new ways to prepare them.

Blood Sugar: Quinoa and Healthy Living  is the fourth cookbook by Michael Moore, who is best described as a global entrepreneur. Michael has owned and managed many top restaurants in both London and Sydney, and I stumbled upon him when I dined at his Sydney restaurant, O Bar and Dining. The Blood Sugar series of books share the way he manages being a diabetic and empowers the home cook to create healthy, delicious meals, even if they aren’t diabetic.  This book features everyday savoury and sweet recipes using quinoa, a wonderful substitute for high carbohydrate products. It truly features a different way of eating and I am excited to incorporate some recipes into my everyday cooking.

Last, but not least, is Lucy Waverman and Beppi Crosariol’s The Flavor Principle. The subtitle reads: Enticing your senses with food and drink,  and that is exactly what this cookbook does. I have long been a fan of the Canadian Lucy Waverman and her love of fresh ingredients, well before it was so trendy. You may recognize her from her involvement in LCBO’s Food and Drink magazine. I love that this book is arranged in seasonal menus complete with suggested wine pairings. It is broken down into flavours as the title suggests: bitter, herbal, smoky, creamy, nutty, earthy, salty, sweet, tart, spicy and unami. It is a culinary passport, showcasing Lucy’s global journeys of menus from regions such as Spain, Vietnam, Korea, Scandinavia, southern Italy, the Pacific Northwest and  the American South. I feel a dinner party coming on!

I hope these have provided a little inspiration for you to do more cooking at home and to shake it up a little. There are lots of great sources of recipes, the internet being a major one, so there really is no excuse not to try something new! Enjoy!

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