Farrow and Ball – 2013 colours

Recently some of the TBBs were at grand reopening of the Orleans location of Decorator’s Choice.  The guest speaker was Jason Cass from the missed One House Two Looks and David Lockwood, who both work with Farrow and Ball.

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It was a night of delicious tidbits and inspiration as Jason and David covered  Farrow and Ball’s new colours as well as their world renowned line of wallpaper.  I know most of us came away wanting to repaint and wallpaper our homes.

These are the new colours that have joined Farrow and Ball’s lineup.

FB 2013 Colours

Inspired by their Dorset coastline and roots, these new colours are comprised of four neutrals, three brighter colours and two dark shades.

1. Ammonite No. 274


Inspired by found fossils along the coastline, this is slightly lighter than Cornforth White.

2.  Yellowcake No. 279


A nod to the “homemade” that is resurfacing and to 1960’s kitchens who often sported this sunny yellow.

3. Mole’s Breath No. 276


Like Elephant’s breath this one is inspired by a mole’s fur coat.  A darker neutral that would play well with many colours.

4. Stiffkey Blue No.281


Directly inspired by the bluish mud of Stiffkey beach in Norfolk (I’ll take their word on that).  Also a bluer alternative to Down Pipe.

5. Dimpse No. 277


I am liking this neutral cool gray.  It is a compliment to Blackened and Pavillion Gray.  Inspired by the colour of twilight.

6. Nancy’s Blushes No. 278


A tribute to a real life Nancy and her blushing, this pretty pink would be great with All White or Black Blue.

7. St. Giles Blue No. 280

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 11.10.06 AM

This strong almost turquoise blue was found in the hall of  17th century St. Giles House in Wimborne.  Just goes to show that this strong blue is a classic.

8.Wevet No. 273


Okay, maybe this is  my favourite neutral here.  Named after what an old Dorset term, meaning a spider’s web,  leave it to the English. A fresh delicate white that is shown here with Purbeck on the wainscotting and Down Pipe on the floor.

9. Purbeck No. 275


This is stronger than the Wevet above and was influenced by the colour of stone found on the Isle of Purbeck.  It also works well with Ammonite and Cornforth White.

**All photos courtesy of the Farrow and Ball website.

There you have it the new colours of Farrow and Ball.  They do have a wonderful knack for discovering colours that evoke a feeling or bring back a special memory.

Lisa ThumbnailLisa

Donna BorderDonna says: “These colours evoke such a diverse range of emotion – the bright yellow and pink are happy  colours, whereas the darker greys and blues are more on the moody side.  All of them have a perfect time and place in a home!”


 Maureen border Maureen says: “I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Jason and David talk about the Farrow and Ball and the new F & B colours. I especially appreciated hearing about how they have used several of these colours in their own homes.”



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