Friday Night Wine Pick: A Sticky End!

Last week three of us attended a wine event at Ottawa’s “Museum of Nature” called “New Zealand in a Glass”.  As you guessed, it featured wines from New Zealand.  It didn’t hurt that our very own Mary Anne had recently traveled to that beautiful country and done some wine tasting herself.


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Let’s just talk a little about the venue first.  The Museum of Nature, built as the Victoria Museum, completed in 1912, has been home to several museums over the decades and from 2004 to 2010 underwent a major facelift.  It is a stunning building, one of the few in Ottawa that is an example of Tudor Gothic-style of architecture.

Museum of Nature
And the joint was hopping for this wine tasting!  Live music, delicious appetizers, cheeses and there may have been dessert, but it disappeared so fast we didn’t get to sample it.  We walked in, turned right and never looked back.   Most of the wines on sample were white, as the NZ climate isn’t conducive to many of the red grape varietals.  The reds were mostly Pinot Noir and there was one or two Merlots.

Now this tasting put me out of my element as I prefer a glass of red.  However, I also like to put on my adventurous hat and try new things.  Which brings me to my favourite pick from this evening.

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From the Marisco Wineries in Marlborough, in a series of “The Kings” wines, comes “A Sticky End” which is, you guessed it, a dessert wine.  If I’m not a regular white wine drinker, I’m even less of a regular dessert wine drinker, but this one brought me back for seconds.  Well, the wine and perhaps the conversation with the very funny and personable owner – Brent Marris.

You can read all about “A Sticky End” here, but know that it was not overly sticky sweet and paired excellently with the blue cheese, which I tried for the very first time as well – there’s that adventurous hat again.  Or more likely the arm-twisting of Mary Anne and Maureen.

Now, you are going to ask me where you can find this fine dessert wine.  Well….NOT at the LCBO unfortunately.  This one will have to be ordered through a wine agent, which the TBBs seem to be collecting like wine corks.  If you are interested, please leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.


Donna ThumbnailCheers…Donna

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Eleanor Marris Rogers - November 30, 2014 - 9:17 pm

Came across your site while looking for more info on “A Sticky End” wine. If you know how I can get hold of a case, please let me know! I just discovered the Marisco website and my mind was blown, I am distantly related to the owner, as I am related to William De Marisco, name sake of “A Sticky End”. Looking forward to getting their Chardonnay through the LCBO on Dec 6, but the sauv blanc would be great to have.
Eleanor Marris Rogers

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