Friday Night Cocktail Pick: Did Somebody Say Beergarita?


The Beergarita has become a favourite drink with guests at our cottage (just to help beat the heat of  summer). It is, surprisingly not too sweet, and very refreshing.  In honour of Cinco de Mayo celebrations this week, I am sharing the recipe. It is fast, easy and consists of only three, readily available ingredients.





Empty one can of limeade concentrate into blender. Half fill the empty limeade can with tequila (Hint: don’t use your best tequila in this recipe). Add approx. 16 ice cubes and process on ice crusher program until slushy. Then pour 2 Corona beers into the blender and stir by hand to blend. Do not, I repeat do not, use the blender for this step or you will be very sorry! This is a great recipe for sharing since one batch will make about 4 drinks, and multiple batches are quick to mix up.

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   Mary Anne

Donna BorderDonna says: “These are so so good Mary Anne!  The perfect way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo …. or anything else for that matter!”

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