Friday Night Wine Pick: (not quite) Waupoos Cider

It’s Friday and you have just arrived at the cottage. It’s so hot, your exposed flesh has become one with the leather seat in your car. It’s humid…so humid your contact lenses have fogged over, and your hair….well forget your hair until next November.  You are on a deaths door quest for something to quench that ‘tongue stuck to the top of your mouth’ unquenchable thirst. A beer, ya that’s what I want…a frosty ‘nirvana’ cold beer. But your daughter brings you cider….CIDER!!!…are you kidding me?

No, I kid you not. I’m speaking of the 6.5% apple cider that resembles beer in look and colour, and you might even venture to say somewhat in flavour as well. My first foray into this thirst quencher was with Waupoos Cider . This sparkling beverage is made from late harvest and European cider apples and is manufactured in Picton Ontario…who knew? Also, Waupoos Cider is a fabulous alternative to beer for those sensitive or allergic to gluten, dairy and wheat. It is available at LCBO.

Oh ya…..and that ‘tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth’ thirst….it was quenched!!



LCBO 612804 | 4×341 mL bottle




 Maureen thumbnailMaureen  

Lisa says: “Ha love the imagery in this post Mo! I am not a huge beer lover so I think I’ll give this a try.”

Donna says: “I’m thirsty just reading this!  I love a cold beer on a hot day, but have been avoiding gluten sadly.  Now I have another option!  Thank you Miss Mo!”


Mary Anne says: “Thanks for reminding me that I tried cider last summer and LIKED it. Great option for those super thirsty days!”

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c addison - June 10, 2013 - 7:33 pm

love my cider non or alchol wampous cider thank you

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