IDS2013…Searching for Emerald

I’ve been to the Interior Design Show (IDS) only two times before now.  But, I’m starting to see some things that repeat from year to year and I’m starting to notice what changes.  Last year I remember there being a lot of orange being used both as an accent colour and a main colour, as the Pantone colour of the year was Tangerine Tango.  I assumed we would, therefore, be seeing a lot of Emerald Green…as that is Pantone colour of 2013.

Not the case!  I prepped for the eye candy.  Got ready to blown away by this trendy colour…and…it wasn’t there! There was green, but it was more of an yellow-green than a blue-green.  Surprised, I was…very.

So what colour did we see?  Grey, grey and more grey…

Products/Distributors (L-R clockwise): Ikea, UNKNOWN, Erth Coverings, Creekside Tile Company, Ceragres, Pearson, Ceragres, Canaroma


Some yellow, I think because the grey/yellow combination is really not something we tire of quickly.  And yellow just makes you happy.  Loved the powder coated metal pieces and the mustard yellows.

Products/Distributors (L-R clockwise): Bludot, Troy Smith Designs, Metropolitan Hardwood Floors, Six Point Un, Style Garage, Ikea, Urban Barn


Brown…always classic, but shown mostly in wood tones.

Products/Distributors (L-R, clockwise): Eurolite booth, Evoke Lounge, Casalife, Merganzer Furniture & Design, Gautier, Wood|Stone|Metal


A touch of orange.  Still fresh and also works well with the washed out greys and neutrals.  At the top we see Canadel is pushing painted wood with their line that is mostly known for stained finishes (again NO Emerald…)

Products/Distributors (L-R clockwise): Canadel, Gautier, The David & Chico Show, Cocoon.


And there was some green…but just a touch, along with accents of pink.

I’m wondering if home interiors will truly adopt Emerald.  Or has Hunter Green of the 90s scarred us a little.  Have you brought it into your decor?  We’d love to hear how…








Lisa says: “I love emerald and really hope that it does come out more through 2013. But as you say Nicole it certainly wasn’t around at IDS.”

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