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What to serve for dessert? A very familiar refrain in my house. Consideration of the ingredients, guest’s diet restrictions, availability, amount of time to prepare and complimentary to the meal must all be taken into account.  My go to dessert for years was homemade low fat coffee cake, no matter the occasion. They were a huge hit, but leftovers always hit my waistline with a vengeance the following day. After a time, I decided that fresh, in season fruit was a wise choice for many reasons. But how to serve without making the traditional fruit salad? I decided to plate thinly sliced wedges or circles of fruit and sprinkle with cinnamon, a dollop of yogurt with a fine drizzle of agave syrup. The plate could then be garnished with fresh berries or in the case above, pomegranate seeds. Cinnamon enhances the natural flavours of the sliced fruit. Elegant, low fat, nutritious and yummy for almost all palates.

IMG_8287Another quick and oh so tasty nibble, or dessert if you stretch it out with cheese and crackers, is fresh pitted dates or figs and fresh whole pecans. If I told you this is tantamount to a piece of pecan pie, would you believe me? Well it is! Just ask my friends who have braved the oddness of the combination.


Please excuse the photo and messy presentation, but if I had known this was going to be so fabulous, I would have staged this shot.  My new favourite….freshly made Espresso, pieces of Toblerone chocolate and vanilla ice cream served in a sorbet glass. (I was at the cottage and had to resort to juice glasses)  I served this two weeks ago and the table was silent except for the exclamations of sinfully delicious sighs. Next time, I’m going to use dark chocolate, and chopped pistachios to garnish the ice cream.. Remember, espresso has less caffeine than regular coffee as caffeine is water soluble, so no probs serving this after dinner.

The right dessert can be the fine end to a divine meal!

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Lisa Border Lisa says: “Well, now I’m hungry. These all sound delicious and I know for a fact that the first one is delicious and I’m just waiting to try the other two, Maureen.”

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