Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Sonya and Mary Anne were busy little elves last week setting up and decorating their Christmas trees for a segment on Rogers TV Daytime Ottawa. Their trees couldn’t have been more different! Sonya decorated her fresh Balsam with vintage ornaments and lights, much in the style of her decor at home. Mary Anne, on the other hand, decorated a bright pink 7 foot feather tree in silver and white and yet more feathers to go with her new urban loft.

But, even though the styles were different, there were many similarities in how the tree was actually decorated. After the tree was firmly placed in its stand and fluffed out, the lights were placed deep into the centre of the tree and out along the branches. This is a little harder to accomplish on the feather tree as its branches don’t support much weight. Then it was on to the decorations. The garland was strung as evenly as possible near the branch tips, all around the tree. It is important to have a theme and a colour scheme for your tree if you don’t want it to look all mumble jumbled! Sonya and Mary Anne had a mix of large and small decorations and placed them evenly around the tree, both on the tips of the branches and further into the centre. For a lightweight tree, picks that lie along the branch, rather than hang, work really well. The tree topper makes a big statement, so be sure to have one that goes with the theme and style of your tree. This is a chance to express yourself, so be sure to have fun and change it up from year to year!

Mary Anne

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