Open house at Ceragres

Some of the TBBs and myself recently a morning  at Ceragres.  If you haven’t been, it’s a delight for anyone who enjoys looking at beautiful tiles.

Just take a gander at these!

photo 1 copy 3

Adorable word tiles to add some interest to your walls.

photo 3

photo 4

These two photos above show the Life tiles, scandinavian styled, and so realistic, you’d swear you’d be scared to drag your chair across them.


The link series of mosaics below with many more colours available.

photo 3 copy 5photo 4 copy 5

photo 2 copy

A beautiful rich agate anyone?

photo 3 copy

For the adventurous, Ceragres used these at IDS to create an ombre floor.  Gorgeousness!

And for the lesser adventurous, these subtle and imperfect matte finish subway tiles are trend free and would never date.  Seriously considering these for my cottage kitchen backsplash.

photo 4 copy

And some adorable little accent tiles for the little one’s bathrooms. How sweet!
photo 2 copy 2

These are extruded tiles, yes…extruded like pasta dough.  Very irregular in depth and edges, so they have a hand made quality and they can even be used on the floor.

photo 2

Now, these were very interesting and caught my attention, they are tiles that are fitted into each other.  They can be grouted in different grout colours, causing the same tile to look very, very different.  Here they are without grout –

photo 1 copy 4And with dark and light grout below.

photo 1 copy 5

These last tiles Nic and I were marvelling over the ingenuity of someone to create the different patterns with this tile.  Probably why they are called Versa:-)

photo 4 copy 3They come in white and black and here’s one way you can do the pattern.
photo 2 copy 3

Or if your tile installer is fabulous, you can do this pattern. WOW!

photo 3 copy 3

And last but not least, some new countertop options. These are quartz and look just like concrete and as you can see they come in various colours.

photo 2 copy 6

And the newest member of their countertop options is Sintered stone, as you can see available in many colours.

photo 4 copy 6

photo 3 copy 6

And they can be finished in four ways, polished, satin, vesuvio and fossil and are also available in different thicknesses.

Such an enjoyable morning, catching up with colleagues and seeing some beautiful new products.

Lisa Thumbnail Lisa







Mary Anne BorderMary Anne says:”There was lots of eye candy today! Ceragres is always on the cutting edge of design and proved it once again with these new products. I love the ombre idea with the bright plank tiles and the quartz that looks exactly like cast concrete!”

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Meredith - May 21, 2014 - 8:04 pm

Wow! Wow! Wow! I don’t know how you’d possibly make a decision with options that gorgeous. I love the tiles with the words best… Then again…am ombre floor would be sensational. Thanks for sharing.

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