Ah Brimfield, you were our first……

So, Brimfield was our first, our first TBB road trip that is…. What were you thinking I meant…ha ha…

Early on a Thursday morning, 5 TBBs (minus Nicole, sadly for us, couldn’t make it) piled into Sonya’s truck with her trailer in tow, all prepped (with a little treat) and waiting for our antique and vintage treasures


We even packed our SPORKS…


Not to fear, Nicole, we made sure you were brought along on all our adventures, in one way or another…meet NIC on a STICK.



She’s a hungry TBB first thing in the morning and a terrible influence….

After two necessary stops, one to fix the trailer hitch;

and the second or maybe it was the third or fourth stop….to well….quench our thirst, we arrived at our destination.

Last one in…has to pay!

That Nic is just such a lush…….

Then with a quick change we were off to enjoy the hotel’s fine dining….ah….I mean the hotel’s pub fare.  But I have it on good authority that the Lobster Mac and Cheese was FAAABBBULLOUSS!!

Bright and early, ok not so bright and early…we were off.


That Nic is just so anxious to get to the stalls….

Sadly…so were alot of other people.

Our first impression of Brimfield….OVERWHELMING!  So, so, so much eye candy it was hard to know where to look and which direction to go in.

There’s everything at Brimfield


Maureen was the first one to make a purchase, a lovely vintage red barrel, now residing at her cottage.


Vegetarians and vegans….look away!

wheres the cow? Brimfield

We had a memorable and a little expensive stop at a premium linen store. Picture this, 38 degrees Celsius heat and then like a mirage a white tent with….hold your breath here…..AIR CONDITIONING!!  And as soon as we walked in…..HEEELLLOOO (to quote Maureen)….MARGARITAS!  And a tuck into the most comfortable bed I have ever been in……

 Can we stay here all day?


After about 2 hours, we were off with some newly purchased pillows, pillows, pillows and did I mention…pillows.  Even Nic got to sleep on some that evening.

The end of the first day….CHEERS!

Dinner was at this lovely restaurant the second evening…Avellino…The Duck.

The second day, we were chomping to get back at it, but the weather had other ideas….a TORNADO WARNING…really!  Well, that didn’t stop these determined TBBs.  We braved the torrential rains and still managed to find a few more treasures.

Some were more reluctant than others to get into the cart.

And at the end of that long day, it was hard…NOT to find our truck and trailer in the parking lot….

brimfield cleared out for tornado watch

The before –

















And the after –

Not bad for 2 days at Brimfield

The treasures were bountiful and we all found a little or big something or somethings, to bring home.


There were even a couple that got away… ; /

And we are on our way home, with all our pillows in tow….

And Nic was a little worse for the trip…..

Nic on a stick at breakfast all bandaged up

Some of the wonderful cuisine we sampled.















Still gagging on one of these desserts, hint it’s not the pretty ones!





And of course, the wine!






























Somehow I feel like I was there.  8) Looks like a fabulous trip ladies, minus the danishes!

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An Evening With “Gus”



David Podsiadlo is one cool dude. 12 years ago, he, his wife, and his best friend founded the successful furniture line/store of Gus and Style Garage.


He is modest enough to attribute much of his success to clever branding and marketing for as he says, “Anyone can make an ottoman covered in burlap coffee bean bags.” Gus is now an international line of furniture and accessories with simple lines and a huge cool factor. The furniture is scaled for smaller living spaces and urban living, something I think is terrific! They get their inspiration from everyday objects and frequently add a Canadian and/or nature twist like the bestselling Lucite box with the faux wood grain.

New storage box addition to Gus line.

New pillow designs with a whimsical twist


Urban Capital and Tamarack presented David as the speaker on September 13 for the first night in a 3 part series called 2012 TRENDS IN DESIGN.  It was a fun evening with free flowing cocktails and appetizers from the fantastic Tulips and Maple, a local caterer.


The evening offered a chance to mingle with people interested in design and speak with David himself. Now all we need is a Style Garage in Ottawa!



Mary Anne




  I will be at the next 2012 TRENDS IN DESIGN if for no other reason than the cocktails, appetizers and the mingling!


Definitely need one in Ottawa, let’s get er’ done!


Nicole Border

I saw some of the GUS modern pieces at Blueprint in Westboro the other day.  Nice stuff!

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Barns, Farms and Wicked Chefs!

What an appropriate name for an amazing fundraiser for The Table Community Food Centre in Perth.

Barns, Farms and Wicked Chefs

EcoTay was the incredible farm setting on a perfect August evening for nine area chefs to work their magic using local food products. Judy Dempsey, who is known for her 12 years as chef/owner of the award winning Hungry Planet restaurant spearheaded the evening.

Judy Dempsey at Barns, Farms and Wicked Chefs

The sold out event saw 300 people wander from booth to booth sampling small plates of everything from designer pizzas to California tacos to pulled lamb to swordfish croquettes to artisanal cured meats to delectable homemade desserts.

Gourmet pizza at Barns, Farms and Wicked Chefs

All of the food was paired with appropriate wine and beers, which, of course, further enhanced the flavors! My favorite was the pulled lamb with mint on eggplant paired with the Sebastiani Zinfandel from California although, I must admit, the desserts were to die for.

Yummy deserts at Barns, Farms and Wicked Chefs

I’ve never seen such beautifully renovated farm outbuildings. They were pristine and full of character. I was pleasantly surprised when, what I thought would be an outhouse, was instead a full washroom worthy of a TBB! This venue would be the prefect setting for a country wedding with class. Live music from area musicians added to the ambiance.

The live etertainment!

Due to the resounding success of this inaugural event, plans are already underway for next year. I, for one, will be returning.

Some wine selections at Barns, Farms and Wicked Chefs


Mary Anne


What a stunning spot for a wedding! And you had me at those desserts…I’m in for next year!


 Food and wine pairing is the ticket for me!

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