Plantation Love in Charleston

A few weeks ago, my hubby and I were in sunny Charleston, SC.  It was such a welcome relief from the cold, long and dreary winter we had.  We soaked in as much sun as we could.

One of the highlights of our trip was touring Boone Hall Plantation.

DSC_0055 2

Boone Hall Plantation was founded in 1681 by Englishman Major John Boone, on the banks of the Wampacheone Creek.  The plantation has been producing crops for over three centuries, and tours have been going on here since 1956.

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In 1734, the son of Major John Boone planted live oak trees in two evenly spaced rows.  Fast forward to two centuries later, and the oaks have grown and now form the moss covered canopy over the road.  This famous approach to the plantation is called “the Avenue of Oaks”.  And you may just recognize it!

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This famous road, and the plantation itself, have been the set for many movies and shows, including, the mini-series, North and South, and for the movies Queen and The Notebook.

DSC_0072 2DSC_0074 2

Unfortunately, no photos were allowed to be taken in the house….but believe me when I tell you that it did have the most amazing cantilevered staircase and, of course, some absolutely breathtaking pieces of furniture and lighting fixtures.

We were, however, able to take pictures of the exteriors and interiors of the slave homes, which run in a straight row right beside the oak trees, by the way.

DSC_0059 2



We even learned some Gullah, from a descendant of one of the original slaves on the plantation.  What a fabulous and powerful voice she has.

DSC_0096The grounds were truly spectacular, as I’m sure you can imagine.


Just look at these AZALEAS!


I was fascinated with this wavy brick fence. The bricks used on the property were also made on the property.

DSC_0091 2


So do be sure and add Boone Hall Plantation to your list of places to see the next time you are in the Charleston area.  Happy Travels!

Lisa Thumbnail   Lisa

Maureen borderMaureen says: “Fascinating history lesson Lisa. I had no idea there were plantations in the US as far back as 1681. Would very much enjoy visiting Charleston SC.”


Mary Anne Border Mary Anne says:“Another place to put on my must visit list, especially when Spring is slow to arrive in Ottawa! Love those azaleas!”
Donna BorderDonna says: “What a stunning property!  And the history …. I’ve read so many books set in that era, these pictures are a perfect visual for those stories!”





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Meredith - May 7, 2014 - 10:14 pm

Those azaleas are stunning! I can feel the warmth through the pics. I’m such a sucker for all things in the Carolinas, and these plantations are so stunning. I am glad they are ensuring the slave houses are a big part of the tour; it would be a shame if we ever forget that piece of horrid history.

Boone Hall Plantation - April 28, 2016 - 10:39 pm

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