The Return of Warm Metals – at IDS 2013

You know what they say, “Everything old is new again”.  Just look at fashion – bell bottoms and platform shoes.  And television is proving it with great shows like Bomb Girls, Madmen and Boardwalk Empire, to name a few.

Well, it’s happening in interiors as well!

Over the past few years the interior design industry has seen the return of bronze, brass, platinum and gold.  No, this is not back to your 1980’s shiny brass and gold, this is a much more pleasing trend towards polished, burnished or muted metals.  At last year’s Interior Design Show, there was a glimpse of this trend as seen below.

Source: unknown

At this year’s Interior Design Show,  warm metals were much more evident, which tells me that this trend has definitely made a come back!  And I, for one, am very happy about it!  Here are some examples of what the TBBs observed at IDS 2013.

At the Cocoon booth below, which was a TBB favourite by the way, they repeated the use of warm metals throughout, with great success!

Sources: All from Cocoon

There were several examples of warm metals in lighting, with the stunner being the lighting display at the Ikea booth (top photo)!

Sources: top – Ikea; bottom left – unknown; bottom right – casalife

And there was plenty of platinum and gold in furniture this year.  Geometric bases were common,  along with bronze and gold in accessories.

Sources: left and bottom right – Pearson; top right – unknown

And, in the bathroom, we are seeing the introduction of warm metal fixtures, including these stunning copper tubs!  I love the look of the exposed plumbing!

Sources: left – Sonoma Forge; top right – Caml-Tomlin; bottom right – Ikea booth

For more examples of warm metals used in interiors, please check out our Pinterest board on the subject!







Mary Anne says: “It’s refreshing to see these warm metals make a comeback. And don’t forget, it is now OK to mix different metals in your decor!”

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