Friday Night Wine Pick: Villa Maria

The weather is warm here in O Town, so we thought it was a good time to post a scrumptious white that you can enjoy this weekend sitting outside in the sunshine. My hunk of a contractor husband is not only fantastic at what he does….looks fab in his work jeans , but the man brings me new bottles of wine to try on a regular basis. I do not know when the last time I stepped foot into an LCBO as my wine is chilling for me every night after work, and usually poured for me to….I have my own pool boy!  With each new wine he brings it is usually trial and error, but one of the gems in his quests was Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

Villa Maria is a bedside wine that looks just as good in the morning……..

This Bright Sauvignon Blanc has a scent of passion fruit & lime. It’s very clean, fresh and balanced with a hint of sweetness and a lemon, dry, with a nice grab you by the boo boo bite at the end.

Available at most of your local LCBO stores and sells for $16.95 (click on the LCBO)


Sonya says: Weekend Cheers my lovies…*clink*

 Maureen says: I’m feeling a mighty thirst coming on for perfectly chilled Villa Maria!…’clink’ back atcha

Donna says: Perfect timing sista!  I’m with you both! “clink”

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