What Walls are Wearing … IDS13

At IDS13 I noticed that walls were getting some attention. Yes, paint is likely the number one product still used on walls and all the major paint suppliers were present at IDS, but the attendance of wall coverings could not be ignored. Wallpaper is making a huge comeback, but with updated patterns and textures and faux finishes. Murals made their presence known as well. We saw large tiles, cutout paper and huge pieces of marble decorating walls. Our walls are warm arms that surround us and they are crying out to be adorned in all manner of finery. Take a look at a sampling of what walls are wearing in 2013.

Metro Wallcoverings displayed their samples of glam wallpaper which have pattern, texture, sparkle and rhythm.



From a bustling metropolis to the zen-like bamboo forest, muralunique.com covers all the bases when it comes to realizing the colour, mood and size needed for any wall mural.



No, it’s not two tone horizontal wood paneling….it’s wall paper from Prime Walls.


ErthCoverings drew a crowd to their booth with the display of their large over-sized stone veneer slabs by Giovanni Barbieri.


Take a look at these walls dressed up in 1/4″ thick pre engineered brick panels. Relatively lightweight, easy to install interlocking sheets from Century Architexture


Mother Nature made a huge impression on IDS13 visitors with these huge mirror-image slabs of  polished marble, courtesy of OlympiaTile +Stone Slab Division


While technically not a wall per se, I was totally impressed with this divider made entirely  from cut-out  paper at the Wet Style booth.

What will your walls be dressed in this year?









Mary Anne says:“I love special wall treatments for focal walls. Looks like there are lots of new options available!”


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